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MDR10X: The Power Of Cellular Immunotherapy

Our technology platform is based on mixed chimerism, which is the co-existence of both recipient and donor blood and immune cells in the recipient. Our product candidates each comprise a specific composition of different types of donor-derived blood and bone marrow cells, initially based on breakthrough technologies discovered at Leland Stanford Junior University, or Stanford, and exclusively licensed to us. These patient- specific cellular immunotherapy product candidates include two key cell types, CD34+ hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells, or HSCs, which produce every type of blood cell in the body, and a specific type of white blood cell known as CD3+ T cells. A single infusion of one of our product candidates is intended to create mixed chimerism, which can induce donor-specific immune tolerance. We define immune tolerance as a reduction in the normal tendency of a transplant recipient’s immune system to recognize and attack a transplanted organ or tissue, or donor-derived cell. Based on the clinical experience to date, including over 10 years of durability data from the time of transplant, immune tolerance can reduce or eliminate the need for chronic immunosuppressive drug therapy and reduce the risk of eventual loss of function of the transplant organ. Our cellular immunotherapies may thereby result in better long-term outcomes for recipients of transplant organs, avoid organ rejection and retransplant, reduce or avoid adverse events caused by chronic use of immunosuppressive drugs, lower the associated healthcare costs and reduce the risk of death.